Argonaut Clothing Breakdown

Hello, posting a breakdown of 3 pieces of clothing I created in Zbrush and Modo. Shown here is the Diffuse, Black and White, Normal, Ambient Occlusion maps in a posed angle. Rigged fully in Modo 801. Going to try to post more as I create more content with my tools. Thanks for viewing!

These Jeans

Hi there. Been awhile. Been working on a lot of rigging tutorials that I’ve missed out on digital sculpting. The following are works in progress shots to help me see how the mesh develops. Skinny mens jeans with polypaint and texturing done all in Zbrush from a base mesh sculpt done in Modo 701. First pass …


Crunching an ET

Hello, its been a month since my last post. I was busy making fruit crates for a project and I needed to learn some new tricks in Modo again. In other news, I was invited to sculpt live on the Zbrush Hangout show called Crunching last night. Its a 2 hour Google hangout live show with 5-6 other artists on the panel. I got to meet new artists and their amazing work. Here’s a few renders of mine, unfortunately this is just a quicksave because my older file on the show got corrupted Zspheres. Yikes!

Onto the Sculpt studies on Extra Terrestrial life form. I hope you like them!ET-Creature-Sculpt ET-Creature-Sculpt2



Chibi Rockstar!

Lunchcrunch posted a Chibi theme and I thought I’d take a gander on a Megurine Luka look alike. I hope to rig and animate her in Maya when I finish.


This is how she looked like a few hours ago. Still figuring out zsphere armatures. Phew!


The Radish Spirit!

The Radish Spirit from Spirited Away inspired me so much I had to sculpt him in 3D form. Posted this on the Lunchcrunch site and someone advised to dirty him up a bit. Ongoing UV and low poly cage creation. Keep ya posted! 🙂

The-Radish-Spirit WIP

Wipstamatic: Adonis

Today’s WIPstamatic is some polypaint and initial wrinkle details. Laid down some yellow ochre to orange tones for this guy as an underpainting. You see, I really find it difficult not to paint. I’ve been sitting on my hands just so I can finish sculpting and detailing. It drove me crazy!


Basemesh Adonis5

Posting a flat color and a basic gray matcap in a BPR render below for future reference.

Basemesh Adonis6